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Subterranean termites are the most economically important wood destroying pests in the United States.  Nation-wide, termite treatment and prevention cost approximately 2 billion dollars a year.

Initially, termites have an important role in the forest ecosystem as they break down cellulose.  However, when their natural food source is eliminated, termites replace it with anything made of or containing cellulose.  And, cellulose is commonly found in dead wood and wood by-products which leads the termite directly to your home.

In exposed areas, termites travel within shelter, dirt tubes that they construct.  Temperature has a strong influence on daily and seasonal activity.  Termites remain active in cold weather if the structure they are infesting is heated.

Structures can be pre-treated at the time of construction or at the time termites invade.  United Spraying Service's termite technicians have over 30 years experience, and offer competitve pricing and guarantees.



Swarms of 1/8" or 1/4" black insects with whitish, opaque wings, thick "waists" and curved antennae (not elbow shaped).  These are reproductive termites which swarm in the spring, then shed their wings and go underground to start new colonies.  Also watch for clusters of their discarded wings.

Tubes of dried mud leading from the ground or a crack in the foundation to the wood structure of the house.  These termite shelter tubes may be attached to wood or concrete or they may rise directly upward without support.  They are a sure sign of termite infestation.

Actual visual damage to drywall or to wood supporting structures, (mostly detected from the basement) or weakened floors.  By taking a screwdriver and striking the wood in the basement (sill, header or floor joist), especially around area at front porch, you may discover termite activity.

Have an expert examine your home.... at least once a year!  We employ a staff of skilled personnel, trained and experienced in termite detection.  They will give your house a thorough examination.  If termites are present they will prepare a cost estimate for destroying them and preventing further damage.  If no termites are found, they will be happy to give you an estimate for our preventive treatment that guarantees the safety of your home for years.



Worker termites with one queen and three kings.

Worker termites are the most numerous caste and are responsible for the damage to wood.

The swarmers are responsible for starting new colonies.

The siding was removed from this exterior wall to show the extent of termite damage.

Shed wings on a window sill are a sign of infestation.

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