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This spider's bite - sometimes fatal - is the most serious of any insect on this continent.  It has an "hour glass" shaped mark (red, orange, or yellowish) on the underside of the abdomen - this mark may be irregular or even spot-like in appearance.  The web is an irregular criss-cross of strands, which are remarkably strong and appear almost like a cloth.
The name "Brown Recluse" indicates both the color and the habits of the species.  The color varies from a light fawn to a very dark brown.  Just behind the eyes of the Brown Recluse, a broad dark fiddle-shaped band extends back to the end of the head and thorax.  This mark distinguishes it from other common brown spiders, thus giving it the common name "Fiddle Spider".  This spider likes to hide in closets and basements, especially in storage areas which are seldom disturbed.  Its bite can cause a serious, or occasionally, a dangerous condition, whereby the skin tissue atrophies or dies leaving a hole or nasty looking scar.  They are quite common in midwest homes and businesses.
This is one of the most common spiders.  Wolf spiders can be quite large and often cause fear because of their size.  The wolf spider is commonly found in moist areas, usually around foundations.  Their color can vary from grey to brown, black or tan with dark brown or black markings & this spider can be somewhat hairy. 
Ants feed upon practically everything eaten by humans, as well as on many other things.  A most persistent household pest, the ant usually enters the home at thresholds, baseboards, windows, beneath siding and through cracks and crevices.
These pests may infest flour, cereal, feed on wallpaper and nibble on the glue in book bindings.  Silverfish also eat rayon, cotton, linen and other vegetable fibers, particularly if they are starched.  They are a very destructive insect.
Waterbug (Oriental Roach) WATERBUGS
A form of roach which thrives in damp dark places such as the basement, around sewer pipes, underneath the sink, in cracks and crevices.  This bug seems to prefer filth; however, it will thrive whereever food is available.  It breeds rapidly.  Also known as an oriental roach.
Cockroach ROACHES
Cockroaches occur most commonly in the kitchen - and are found in and around the sink, in cabinets, beneath the sink, stove, refrigerator, and under linoleums - as well as other parts of the home.  They come out at night, however, when heavy infestation occurs they may appear during the day.
A cricket in the thicket is pleasant.  In the home, they're a real pest for they eat holes in paper, woolens, furs, and cottons.  The cricket causes much destruction often credited to the moth.
This cricket is found in cool, damp areas, such as under logs or stones, and in crawl spaces, basements, and the garage.  They are light tan to dark brown in color, 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long with a hump-back appearance.



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